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I am an outdoor enthusiast and aspiring author.

I’ve created this website as the main base to store all my random writing. On the rare occasion I finish a story, I’ll post it here.

Thanks for reading!

The Itch Fish

My husband Steven had been working so much the past few months that he had just become a pair of boxers on the bedroom floor that I found every morning as proof of his existence. So when I asked him, no begged him to come with me and the girls to the beach on his… Continue Reading →

Main Tank

Written for a fun writing contest with the theme of “murder hornets.” In the parking lot outside of a rural Ontario hockey rink, Noah sat on his overflowing duffel bag contemplating deep questions of life. “Have you ever thought about how weird clapping is? Why do we slap our body parts together to show appreciation… Continue Reading →

Edge Runner

After the world became flat there were some of us who signed up to run the edges. I got started for the adrenaline but keep going out for the money. The cities that still stand on the crumbling edges hold mementos that citizens in the Central Cities are happy to pay for before they’re gone…. Continue Reading →


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